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How to avoid plastic
« on: October 03, 2016, 02:19:03 pm »
The next step after knowing that plastics are not good for the environment and yourself is to start to avoid plastic products. So first of all it is almost impossible to avoid plastic hundred percent. Here are a few ideas how you can start having a plastic-free lifestyle.

:) The maybe easiest thing is to abstain from plastic bags. You donít need to take every time you go shopping and in every shop a new plastic bags for your items. Just take your own bag with you. You may even save money because some shops require money for a bag.

:) Another easy thing is trying to avoid items which are packed in plastic. Sometimes there are different Options for the same product, some are packed in plastic, some arenít. So just take the one without. Another advantage is that you are supporting those products without plastics.

:) Donít use new plastic bottles. Donít buy every time you go outside a new water bottle. Just have one consist out of glass or even out of non-toxic plastic and take it with you. And again you can even save money.

:) If you often go to Starbucks or to a similar coffee shop donít take every time another plastic mug, but bring your own reusable mug with you. Starbucks for example has his own reusable mug that you can buy for little money and you can save 30 cents for every ordered drink. You would save tons of rubbish if you will do this a while.

:) As an alternative to the supermarket is buying your fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market. If berries, cherry tomatoes and Co. are still in packed in plastic boxes, just take you own reusable box with you or buy the products once in the plastic boxes and bring them every time again.

:) To avoid micro plastics, try to use only natural make up and care products. Micro plastics are especially often unnatural peeling products. Just check out different brands which produce natural make up and care products. Itís even better for your skin.

Those are only a few options to avoid plastics but they are probably the easiest one. So everyone could do something to reduce the amaount of plastic use.

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